“Stranger Love” Beyond Lent

While Lent is concluded for 2017, the struggle for immigrant and refugee justice continues.  Across the nation, people of faith took to the street during Holy Week in solidarity with individuals and families that are being threatened and targeted by ICE.  In Los Angeles, 35 faith leaders were arrested on Good Friday as they blocked the entrance to the local ICE detention center in protest of recent raids that have broken apart families and heightened fears throughout immigrant communities.

See the full story HERE.

Easter is a celebration of God’s power over death.  But death in its myriad forms is still present in the world.  The risen Christ sends his disciples (including us) into the world to confront the powers of death with the gospel of life.  Easter is not a time to discard our protest signs and retreat back into the security of our pre-Lent routines.  It is time to be emboldened and go forth.  Jesus lives!  God’s new creation is begun!  God’s people are empowered to live as Jesus did–with “Stranger Love.”

Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed!  Alleluia!


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