Easter & Love for Strangers

On this Easter Sunday, we rejoice in new hope, new beginnings, new life in Christ.  Just as Christ has been raised, we too have been raised with Christ to live into the kingdom of heaven where we practice love for God and love for our neighbor.

While we celebrate, we remain aware of the stranglehold death still has in the world.  Palm Sunday was a reminder of how believers are dying for their faith.  The attacks on Syrian children were a reminder of how tenuous life is for those in the midst of conflict.  The ICE raid that resulted in the shooting of a legal Chicago resident was a reminder of how vulnerable immigrants are even when they follow the rules.  Then ‘MOAB’ fell from the sky, destroying a mountain and everything (and everyone) on it and in it; the mission was hailed a success.  But resurrection is a call to the faithful to choose life and give life to those who face death daily.

We have fasted from xenophobia; we have feasted on love for our neighbor.  And today–Easter–we will choose love and choose life by collecting funds to resettle a refugee family in the Chicago area through Refugee One.  If you would like to contribute to this provision of new beginnings, link to the “donate” icon at www.kimballavenuechurch.org.

Let resurrection be real in your life and in the lives of others through you.

Read the story of Somali refugee Saciido Shaie, who began a new life in Minneapolis in 1992.  Then, let’s make resettlement a reality for another family in need.


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