Day 40 – Stranger Love

We are completing the journey. More than 40 calendar days ago, we started moving toward “stranger love.”  Along the way, we learned that God’s love is indeed strange–it goes beyond all boundaries; it crosses borders; it refuses to categorize and marginalize.  And God’s strange love that embraces the alien and the stranger calls us to embrace them as well.  When we love as God loves, it makes us strange to those who want to maintain the lines of division and distinction.

On this Easter Vigil, take some time to review God’s activity in your life over the past 40 days.

Here are some questions to ponder:

What have you learned about God’s love for the alien and stranger?

How have your views of immigrants and refugees changed?

What has grieved you during these past 40 days?  What has encouraged you?

How will you continue the journey away from xenophobia and toward xenophilia beyond Lent?

Consider sharing your journey with others who have participated in “Stranger Love.”


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