No Place To Go

The refugee crisis in the Middle East has focused primarily on Syria and the waves of refugees washing ashore on the Mediterranean beaches of Greece and Italy.  However, there is an equally disturbing crisis in Iraq, where thousands of Sunni Muslims have fled their homes as ISIS and Iraqi forces fight for control of strategic cities.  Most do not have the resources to escape Iraq, and the result is that they are refugees in their own country.

A recent Newsweek article highlighted their plight and focused on over 4000 families that have taken refuge at a dilapidated resort along the beach of Lake Habbaniya where they have no electricity, running water or sanitation.  Because Iraq is controlled by Shiite Muslims, they have little trust in the Iraqi government to protect them.  And ISIS has often been the cause of destruction and death in Sunni communities. They are literally between a rock and a hard place.

Read the poem “HOME” by Warsan Shire to get a sense of the desperate conditions and the frightful experience of refugees around the world.

The full Newsweek article can be found HERE.


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