We Caused Quite A Stir

Today, a group of Lathrop Homes public housing residents and allies including pastors and members of Logan Square churches descended on the city Plan Commission to oppose the Lathrop Homes Planned Development (rezoning) application.  There was quite a stir!

After more than 3 hours of powerful public testimony by advocates of public housing, preservationists, residents and pastors that raised serious questions about the elimination of public housing units and gentrification, some of the commissioners began asking tough questions of the CHA and the development team.  Several times, those in the gallery began singing, “Whose side are you on? Oh, whose side are you on?”  As the vote was taken, you could hear the song being hummed in the background.

In the end, the Planned Development application was approved, BUT….  It was not unanimous AND it came with several restrictions on CHA moving forward.  We’ve been told that dissenting votes are  unprecedented.  The Spirit was moving.

Now, we take the fight for housing justice to the City Council Zoning Committee next month when the Council will consider the zoning changes approved today.  We will be there again, asking the Aldermen on the committee, “Whose Side Are You On?”  We trust the Spirit will stir things up there too.

Read Pastor Ray’s testimony before the Plan Commission HERE.


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