Take Action for Housing Justice

We are fasting to provide homes for others.  Fasting leads us to ACTION!  This week, take your fast to 2 important actions to ensure that struggling families and individuals will have safe, affordable housing.

  1.  Attend the “Keeping the Promise” ordinance hearing on Wednesday, February 17, at City Hall starting with a 9:00 am Press Conference.  Add your voice to the call to hold the Chicago Housing Authority accountable to its mission–providing housing for the poor.

    Over the past 15 years, thousands of public housing units have been torn down to make room for “mixed-income” communities.  The CHA promised to replace all the units that had been destroyed, but they have not kept their promise.

    In addition, thousands of public housing units have been left empty throughout the city–including over 750 units at Lathrop Homes.  But the CHA continues to receive $10,000 annually for each of those empty units from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.  (The CHA receives no oversight from HUD thanks to an agreement between former Mayor Richard M. Daley and the Clinton administration.) Meanwhile, 1000’s of families languish on CHA waiting lists.

    Passage of the “Keeping the Promise” ordinance will give the City Council oversight of the Chicago Housing Authority and force the CHA to keep its promises to the people of Chicago.

  2. Attend the city Plan Commission meeting on Thursday, February 18, at City Hall starting at 10:00 am.  Help to make sure that the Lathrop Homes Planned Development (rezoning) application is not considered at this meeting.

The planned redevelopment of Lathrop Homes cannot proceed without changes in the zoning of the property.  1st Ward Alderman, Joe Moreno, has publicly promised to hold up the development until the Chicago Housing Authority demonstrates ‘How’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ it would replace the 525 units of public housing that would be eliminated at Lathrop Homes.

However, the application is currently on the agenda of the Plan Commission, the first step toward passage.

If you cannot attend these important meetings, PRAY that God will speak powerfully through those who give testimony and will turn the hearts of our elected officials toward justice and mercy.



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