Valentine’s Day for Our Neighbors

In just a few days, we will shower our significant others with flowers, candy, gifts and food and wine as part of our annual observance of Valentine’s Day.  In the process, we are expected to spend close to $20 billion (with a ‘B’).  That’s a lot of LOVE!  But what if we took just 1% of that to “love our neighbors as ourselves” this year?  We could free up $200 million and give hundreds of people the gift of home.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Consider spending just a little less and giving the money you save toward our Lenten Compact project to ‘make a home’ for a refugee family.



  1. This Valentine’s Day I ask those of you who can to take some hot coffee, sandwiches, fruit and goodies to those places where we know our homeless brother’s and sister’s are living out in the severe cold. Pack up some food and drinks and pass it out on your way to enjoy a nice time with your Valentine/s. I suggest food because…..yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you don’t want to give money because they may purchase alcohol. Let me tell you this, if I was homeless and had to live out in the cold alcohol sounds like a reasonable option. We are only called to love and judgment…..well they get that all day every day.

    We don’t even allow our dog Bella to stay out in the cold or extreme heat for more than 5 minutes, and even our dog has a warm meal, bed and a family to love her. We talk so much about animal cruelty and we create shelters for our furry friends and that is what we should be doing. I’ve seen those shelters and they are in better repair than the human shelters I’ve seen. Oh, and the animals stay there all day, they are not forced to leave and come back in the night in hopes of getting a bed. We even adopt them out to their forever homes. What about forever homes for our brothers and sisters. What about an abundance of volunteers giving their time to care for the homeless by cleaning the shelters and loving them by making sure their basic needs are met? THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO DO VOLUNTEER TO PROVIDE A MEAL OR HELP SERVICE A SHELTER OR PROVIDE JOB TRAINING FOR THE HOMELESS. We do this for God’s animal kingdom much better than we do for people. Why is that?

    I can see it now…….a commercial……sad music that makes you want to give a big donation…..homeless people being featured one by one with a sad commentary going on in the background….just give $20 a month….it will help to provide food, and shelter, clean water, and job training….please help to end homelessness, thank you.

    I can’t imagine living out in the elements without walls to protect me not only from the elements but also the police, who on their defense have been told to destroy the make shift shelters and send the less fortunate on their way and then there are just downright cruel people our homeless friends have to deal with. Just think for a minute……what if your were let go at your job and your unemployment ran out? My son was there, but at least he had family to get him through until he found another job. By the way, the wages from his present job pays far less and if it weren’t that I have an apartment for him and his son they would not be able to afford to live in Logan Square and possibly be homeless. 35 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to afford to live in Logan Square at its present status.

    Many times the homeless have no family, friends, or even a person of faith to help them to get through this season of their life, and because of this the season never passes and they become hopeless and have little or no joy in their life. Every day is a struggle, healthcare, medicine, food, clean clothing, running water, a place to lay their head, yes basic needs.

    So my brothers and sisters I challenge you this Valentine’s Day to take some hot coffee, sandwiches, fruit and goodies to those places where we know our homeless brother’s and sister’s are living out in the cold. Pack up some food and drinks and pass it out on your way to share a special day with your loved one/s. Just $10 can make a lot of sandwiches while warming so many hearts. How much are you going to spend on your special day?

    And now these three remain:
    Faith, Hope, and Love
    But the greatest of these is Love.
    1 Corinthians 13:13

  2. Thank you for your compassionate response and the great suggestions. It has always bothered me that we treat our animals with greater kindness than we do people in need. When there was such an outcry about the cat that was tortured with boiler water, I wondered where was the outcry when people were tortured by the Chicago police. Where is the outcry about the poisoning of children in Flint, MI? Where is the outcry about the thousands of homeless children? Whether human or animal, ALL of God’s creatures deserve love.

    1. I am a creation lover. That is ALL OF CREATION. God was methodical about His creation and the order in which it was created. But what I love the most is that God saw that it was good and then He rested.

      If we just tried to apply the goodness we too could rest knowing we did our part. If everyone did their part then all could rest because all would be satisfied.

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