Public Prophetic Prayer

Each morning throughout Lent, we are taking our Compact for housing justice to the streets through public prophetic prayer and protest.  A full list of locations will be posted at 40 Days of Prayer and Protest.  Here is a list of locations for February 11-13.

Thursday, February 11 – 7 am at California Blue Line El station just down the street from the construction site of the Logan Square Towers–two new luxury high-rises that will displace working families from Logan Square.

Friday, February 12 – 7 am at 2525 N. Milwaukee, the former Milshire Hotel, a single room occupancy (SRO) hotel that was closed in November, 2014, displacing dozens of low-income tenants.  The property remains boarded up.

Saturday, February 13 – 9:30 am at Wellington and Damen, near Lathrop Homes which is slated for a redevelopment that will replace of 525 units of public housing with 500 units of housing for the wealthy.


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