Day 7 Devotional & Discussion – February 17, 2016

EZEKIEL 45:1, 7-9; 46:16-18  

In Ezekiel’s vision of the future layout of Jerusalem, the Prince is to receive a section of land as his inheritance. But there are limits placed around the Prince’s power over the land. He is forbidden from taking land from others to increase his land holdings or to enrich members of his family. In other words, God’s limits the Prince’s power to correct abuses like evictions or eminent domain land seizures.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Can you think of a current example of a leader (or group of leaders) who taken property from others for his/her own gain?
  2. What protections are in place in your community to make sure people are not dispossessed or displaced by those in power?
  3. What are the dangers of letting “the housing market” run its course freely?

Prayer Request for Today

About 20 years ago, the Prince of the City of Chicago, Mayor Richard M. Daley, worked out a deal with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which removed oversight of the Chicago Housing Authority and the way that it spends federal funds. Since then, the CHA has amassed about 450 million dollars while turning public housing sites into mixed income communities that have eliminated thousands of units for the poor. Today, the City Council Housing Committee will hold a hearing on the “Keeping the Promise” ordinance that will hold the CHA accountable to its mission, require transparency regarding use of federal dollars, require the Chicago Housing Authority to replace units of public housing that have been lost over the past 15 years, lease vacant units, and distribute federal housing vouchers to qualifying families. Please pray that this ordinance is approved in committee so that qualifying families will have a chance access to safe, affordable housing.


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