Day 35 Devotional & Discussion – March 21, 2016

MATTHEW 8:19-20; LUKE 10:38-42

During his 3-year ministry, Jesus was a traveling preacher without a permanent address. He depended upon the hospitality of strangers and friends. Martha (and Mary) opened their home to Jesus frequently.

Questions for Reflection

  1. When was the last time you opened your home to a missionary, a friend, or someone who needed help?
  2. What stops you from using your home as a place for ministry to the needs of others?


  1. Early this morning I heard the mayor speak of his plans to “develop” Pilsen and Little Village by building a Bloomingdale style trail to connect the two communities. NPR’ s reporter mentioned that there were some concerns over gentrification. I hope the residents realize that this development is not intended for the benefit of long-time residents, but for the benefit of gentrification, and future housing developments.

    The area around UIC is being “developed.” This is bad news for the poor. Yet, he is “risen.” We too can “rise” as we challenge unfair hierarchies. Off topic, the Board of Governors of the State of Illinois university system announced that perspective students should not count on attending schools in the system, next fall, as Governor Rahner steals hope from students of working class families.

    Jesus’ life-style suggests that we not remain silent.

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