Day 31 Devotional & Discussion – March 16, 2016

LEVITICUS 25:13-19, 24-31

In the year of Jubilee, land is returned to its original family, slaves are set free, debts are cancelled. Some have called this God’s “economic recovery plan.” The Law also permitted the re-purchase of land that was sold by the owner or by his relatives. However, redemption of houses inside walled cities had a “statute of limitation.” The primary purpose of these laws is to ensure that property was kept in the family and to limit the expansion of urban areas into farmland.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. What social benefits would a community experience if these laws were practiced?
  2. What social ills might be prevented?
  3. There is no Biblical evidence that Jubilee ever occurred. Why do you think the Law was never enforced?
  4. Can you think of any current economic policy that reflects the spirit of Jubilee?
  5. In this election year, have you heard any economic proposals that reflect Jubilee? If so, what?

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