Day 24 Devotional & Discussion – March 8, 2015

LUKE 12:13-21

Jesus told this parable in the context of a family quarrel over how the inheritance would be divided. The rich farmer’s ultimate goal was to “live comfortably” and he was willing to ignore God’s law to reach it. (The Law stipulated that the poor, the widow and the alien be given access to the fields to glean the extra.)

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Jesus warns against “all kinds of greed.” How do you known when greed is motivating your actions and decisions?
  2. Is desiring to “live comfortably” a kind of greed? Why or why not?
  3. When have you been tempted to “upgrade” when you have more than enough?
  4. What would you say to someone who suggested that God wants to bless people with “comfortable living”?

One comment

  1. For myself, having a clean, quiet place (with access to libraries or the internet) is all I really need. Unfortunately, many cannot achieve this. I watch little TV, but when I watch HGTV and view people “needing” million dollar plus homes, while people in their same locale are denied, I sometimes think to myself, “no wonder people resent Americans.” Years back, I won a trip to a resort to Puerto Rico for responding correctly to questions about jazz on then, WNUA, which used to feature some jazz artists. The resort was filled with what I considered to be arrogant people with a sense of entitlement. However I had a wonderful time hanging out with the staff!

    In terms of sharing, as we are in an election cycle, I think how easy it would be for an individual like Donald Trump to help the residents of Flint & Detroit, MI. It is a question of attitude. Metaphysical writers may be on to something in declaring that what we do to another, we do to ourselves. From my perspective, we are “one,” and God is everything, so it is up to us to reveal God in our actions and attitudes.

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