Day 21 Devotional & Discussion – March 4, 2016

LUKE 2:1-7, MATTHEW 2:13-15

Jesus was born into a family that was forced to move in order to register with the government. Once in Bethlehem, they were unable to find shelter until they found a stable. Shortly after Jesus’ birth, his family was on the move again—this time to Egypt to escape political violence. As political refugees, Jesus’ family would have been vulnerable to abuse, discrimination and suspicion. When stability returned to their homeland, Jesus’ family returned to their home in Nazareth.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. How do you think Joseph felt every time he was turned away…”no room”?
  2. Where are the “stables” in your community?
  3. What do you think God wants us to learn from Jesus’ experience as a displaced person and a refugee?

One comment

  1. I am reminded of SRO’s that are disappearing, as real estate is viewed as a monetary investment, rather than a home. When we view property as a commodity, human beings are so left out of the equation. When we view human beings as Christ-like…when we see the eyes of Jesus in all, we know that we must support justice for all, and we support initiatives to provide affordable housing for all.

    Jesus’ family were refugee. God became human (I believe Jesus to be fully human and fully Divine), so that we will care for refugees and those in need. I believe we are called to do what we can to support these people…we are called to see Jesus in their eyes, and give their stories and lives a preferential status. We are called not to label, but to serve.

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