Day 12 Devotional & Discussion – February 23, 2016

ISAIAH 58:9-12

God promises blessing for those who “do away with the yoke of oppression” and who “spend themselves” on behalf of those who are vulnerable. And because of their work to create safe and stable communities, they will gain a reputation for “repairing broken walls” and “restoring streets with dwellings.”

Questions for Reflection:

  1. How have you personally been involved in creating safe and stable communities for those who are vulnerable?
  2. Does your faith community have a reputation around advocacy for housing?
  3. If so, what are you known for? If not, what could you do to get a reputation?

One comment

  1. Today, I couldn’t read passed the first 2 verses of today’s Scripture: “Then your light will rise in the darkness.” On December 31, 2015, Chicago watched as an iconic 70-foot Chicago Star was hoisted 360 feet to the top of the Hyatt Hotel along the Chicago River. The rising star marked the beginning of 2016 in an event called, “Chi-town Rising”. The event promoters chose the rising star as a symbol of Chicago–the city on the rise; the city that rose from the ashes of the Chicago Fire in 1871; the city that rises to meet the challenges set before it. Many people saw the irony. Thanks to the release of the video showing the murder of Laquan McDonald by police, it felt like “Chi-town (or Chi-raq) Falling.”

    The Scripture says that IF we do away with the yoke of oppression, THEN our light will rise. We can stage a rising star; we can shine floodlights on downtown buildings; we can turn the night into the brightness of noonday with fireworks, but in the end, the darkness of oppression is what people see and feel. The light we create is FAKE. Only when we seriously act for justice for those who are oppressed–the poor, the hungry, the homeless, Black Lives, immigrants and refugees–only then will Chicago’s star (or any city or nation’s light) truly rise.

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