Day 10 Devotional & Discussion – February 20, 2016

2 KINGS 8:1-6

In this story, a Shunamite widow and her son leave their home to avoid a famine. Upon her return 7 years later, she finds herself at risk of homelessness (the circumstances around her home and land are not explained) and she must go to the King for a decision. Fortunately, the King restores everything that belonged to her, but it might not have turned out so well without her relationship to Elisha, the prophet.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. How do you think the outcome of the story would have been different if Elisha hadn’t been involved?
  2. Who would become more vulnerable to displacement or housing insecurity without your involvement?
  3. Do you or your faith community have a connection to the King that has power over housing in your community?
  4. If not, how can you build a connection to better protect those who are risk of losing their homes?

There is no devotional for Sunday, February 21.


One comment

  1. The first thing I realized while reading this story is that the King appreciated everything that Elisha was doing for the community. Elisha had brought a dead boy back to life. (The story is in 2 Kings 4:8-37.) Elisha had a reputation for acting on behalf of people in need. Because of his good reputation, the king was inclined to act on behalf of the widow. That says something about the king–he was genuinely interested in the welfare of those in his community who were at a disadvantage (the widow and the fatherless). Unfortunately, not many “kings” care about protecting the vulnerable in their communities but are only interested in power.

    At Thursday’s Plan Commission meeting, I watched as 6 “kings” voted to take land away from low-income families at Lathrop Homes. And those with a reputation for doing good for the community were characterized as “troublemakers” and “outside agitators”. Though outnumbered, I thank God for the 2 “kings” who courageously voted “NO” on the plan to destroy housing for low-income families. And I pray that the Defender of the poor will remove the 6 “kings” who exposed their callous hearts by their “YES” vote and the “prince” from my community who–though he did not have a vote–vigorously supported the land grab.

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