Bonus Day – March 28, 2016


Questions for Reflection

  1. If you were going to design your “dream home” today, how would it be different from the one you envisioned on February 10?
  2. How have the 40 days of Lent changed your view of property, home, comfort, and housing for others?
  3. What specific action have you taken to address homelessness or housing instability in your community?
  4. How will you live differently beyond Easter 2016 as a result of your participation in this year’s Lenten Compact?  

One comment

  1. Honestly, I cannot say my apperceptions have changed during lent, although I did set aside some money for the refuge project. My ideal residence would be a simple condo in downtown Evanston, a neighborhood I miss so very much. Frankly, I am not particularly drawn to social activism, although I feel that I freely share spirituality and social interest in my poetry. We all have our own sphere of influence, though I do notice that some believe that their way is the “one right way” for all, which would be like me telling others they must publish poetry.

    I was perhaps more mindful of some social issues this Lent. The Chicago Teachers union certainly got the media’s attention. I am a product of the Chicago public school system. Foreman high-school was unsafe, and I honestly cannot say that I had any “good” teachers. Today, I read a story that all Chicago teachers must walk out or loose their union membership. Hardly surprising as they protect the “bad apples,” while the few good teachers must search for a position elsewhere. I would love to see this union shattered.

    In the news recently is the Illinois State University system which is in danger of dying. Our governor owns nine luxury residences, and pays at least $1,000.00 for a bottle of wine. His actions are hurting kids from poor working class students. But, he will not resign, and is free to do his damage. But this does not surprise me. Simply put, Governor Rahner does not love the people he was elected to serve. Governor Rahner’s Jesus is not the New Testament Jesus.

    Recently, Northwestern University announced that their students will not need to take out loans. Seems admirable on the surface, except that NU closed it’s transitional housing and treatment programs. It is very clear to me which social class they seek to serve, not unlike our governor.

    Hoping you all had a peaceful Easter. Mine was soothing and relaxed.

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