The Future of the Workplace?

Humans need not apply.  These are the workers of the future–and the present.  Amazon has acquired Kiva Robotics and has replaced thousands of human employees with robots.  Watch the (very near) future.  And count the number of humans you see in the YouTube video.   What do you think will happen as more and more companies move to robotic employees?

Hear more about the future of work at our WJ Symposium on Saturday, March 28, at the Logan Square Library, 3030 W. Fullerton Ave., starting at 1:00 pm.



  1. Its easy to imagine even the last mundane task performed by the people left being taken over by robots too. I think we reassure ourselves frequently that this won’t happen to us. Instead of doing that we should be grappling with the inevitability and that is prophetic and enlightening. Putting our heads in the sand about this rapidly developing situation is not only not helpful, it is dangerous. The machines are not the enemy – our ignorance about building a society where they serve us all is.

  2. I’m mindful of Donald Trump’ s outrageous assertion that “Americans make too much.” Having to pay rent at market rate, is a real balancing act, for many people. As Christians we are, I believe called not to view property and people as and investment, but rather a tool to further God’s kingdom on earth. I remember saying that all I needed was a clean, quiet room to live in, but finding that, even that was a challenge. From 1996 to 2003, I rented a room in Evanston, IL for 465.00. It was an infested dump, and living with students more than half my age, was a challenge. One day the building was sold, and everyone’s rent was doubled as the new owner wanted everyone out so he could flip the house, and sell it to a Jewish fraternity, which he did. So suddenly, I found myself having to move. I don’t drive, and had little in savings, and a temp position, working in retail had just ended. So I threw out most of my belongings and moved into the YMCA on Irving Park, lying about my work status. My new rent would be 365.00. My life became increasingly challenging, but for the purposes of this space, we might consider what it means to be a responsible landlord as well. Having to leave a neighborhood that I loved, and move on the CTA, down to my last $100.00, had me consider these issues, much more than I wished I had to.

    1. God is good and has a plan for all of His people for a hope and a future. Many times people aren’t listening to God and so His plans are delayed. Not because of God but because of His people. So we say to ourselves, is this God’s time? Anytime God’s plans for a hope and future are in the completion stage it is in His time, because while we are waiting He is continuing to do His good work. God never leaves us or forsakes us.

      You will never need to go through anything like that again because God brought you just where He intended to bring you all along and when you got there His plan was complete and so He rested.

      I’ve struggle a lot in my life and God brought people into my life to lift me up until His plan for a hope and future was coming into place. You have become part of that plan and I thank God for you. I love you.

      I especially love the way you see someone in need and you reach out to them and offer them food, or $ and I love the way you talk with them and they know you care. God uses the difficult times we’ve experienced to make us better people for those who are going through those very same difficult times.


  3. One thing nobody can take from you is that challenges are an opportunity to learn. As we approach injustice from a Christocentric perspective, we begin to depend on Him to teach us more about each other, and we begin to see Christ in the eyes of our fellow travelers.

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