Month: March 2015

March 31, 2015

This evening, 366 businesses that have scored a 100% Corporate Equality Index for LGBT employees will be honored by the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC.   In 29 states, a person can be fired because of their sexual orientation.  And it’s not just in jobs at religious organizations or faith-based institutions.  It’s any job.  And in Michigan, a person can be fired if the employer “thinks” (s)he is gay!  Do you think Jesus would have an opinion about this?



Worker Justice Symposium in the News

Our Worker Justice Symposium received a brief item on the Spanish language Univision news.  Special thanks to Aisha Pulido (People’s Tribune), Kyle Gilbertson (Chicago Teacher’s Union), Jorge Mújica (Arise Chicago) and Andy Willis (People’s Tribune) for educating us on the issues of worker justice and for helping us envision an economy of grace.

You can hear more about the economy of grace when Andy Willis preaches at Kimball Avenue Church on Sunday, April 12, at 10 am.


Slavery in the Seafood Aisle

Is slavery one of the ingredients in the packaging of wild caught seafood?  Probably.  According to an AP story, men from Burma are routinely enslaved to work the trawlers around Indonesia.  And because most of the work happens offshore, the slavery is hard to document and track.  These men, held by the “Lord of Death”, need the gospel of life!

(Thanks to Lisa Bartelt for drawing attention to this story.)

Join us on Palm Sunday

On Sunday, March 29, Kimball Avenue Church will participate with other Logan Square Churches in an event called, “We Who Are Many are One: From the Lord’s Table to Every Table.”  We’ll begin our Sunday at 3429 W. Diversey Ave for Worship at 10 am, then proceed with the other churches to the Logan Square Eagle monument at 11:30 am where we will break bread together with fast food workers and then parade to the local McDonald’s for a prayer vigil.  For more information, go to the Facebook Event page.  Be sure to DRESS FOR COLD WEATHER and bring an umbrella in case of showers.

A New Idea for Funding College Tuition?

The Northwest Indiana Times reports that Mitch Daniels, former Governor of Indiana and current President of Purdue University, has proposed a new way to fund higher education.  Investors would pay tuition for students who would pay back the investors using post-graduate income.  Opponents say this is nothing more than indentured servitude and would discourage students from entering fields that are traditionally lower paying–like teaching.  Read the entire story HERE.