It’s Shrove Tuesday! Meet Nancy Salgado

Lent begins tomorrow, which makes this SHROVE TUESDAY!  Or if you prefer, Mardi Gras or Fasnacht.

So, while you’re eating your pancakes, paczkis, and fatty meat and peas, take a moment to meet Nancy Salgado, a Logan Square fast food worker who was featured in The Reader’s ‘This Week’s Chicagoan’ column.  Read her story HERE.

On Sunday, February 22, you’ll be able to meet Nancy at Kimball Avenue Church, 3429 W. Diversey Ave. (2nd Fl) at 10:00 am.  She will be joined by Luke Sullivan, an organizer with Arise Chicago, a faith-based organization that is addressing issues of worker injustice.  With their help, we will begin to look at the issues facing low-wage workers everywhere. Be sure to read the comments posted below Nancy’s story.  This will give you a sense of the public opinion about raising the minimum wage. As you read them, ask yourself how Jesus might comment.  I’m sure we’ll talk about it when we meet Nancy on Sunday.



  1. Thank you for sharing this, Bruce. There was a time in my life when I would have been just like some of the people commenting on her situation. Judgmental and harsh without understanding the reality of the issue. Having become a family who is living on a fast-food wage income, I understand it better and have more compassion, though I’m certainly not perfect in the way I respond to issues like this. I’m so grateful for Nancy’s willingness to speak up and fight, even though it exposes her to criticism. And I will pray that people’s hearts, my own included, would be moved to see people as human beings, not just some faceless problem. (I think my “favorite” comment was the one where the guy said: “Don’t raise the price of my Big Mac because you made some mistakes in life.” Ugh. Come, Lord Jesus.)

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