Month: January 2015

Lent Begins February 18, 2015

The Season of Lent will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 18.  With the start of Lent, we invite you to consider participation in a ‘true fast’ through our annual Lenten Compact.  God informed God’s people that the reason their fasting was ineffective was because while they fasted they continued to exploit their workers (Isaiah 58:3 NIV).  A fast that truly honors God is a fast that results in the elimination of oppression and abuse (Isaiah 58:6-7). Today, workers are crying out about wage theft, unfair labor practices, unpaid overtime, unpaid sick time, and unlivable minimum wages.  Around the globe, children are being lured into slavery and the poor are forced into unpaid servitude.  We also are seeing unprecedented income inequality in the United States.  These are not simply political issues or the ‘givens’ of capitalist economics.  These are moral concerns that are addressed by God through the Law, the prophets and Jesus. Link to the 2015 Compact page to read all about this year’s Fast Food Fast for Worker Justice–a fast we’re calling, “Not Lovin’ It”