Day 36 Devotional & Discussion – March 31, 2015

Matthew 23:12; James 1:9-11

What jobs are at the bottom of the “corporate ladder”? Who are the workers that get the brass ring? Why do you think we aspire to the brass ring when those who get it end up at the bottom of the ladder in Jesus’ new order? How can we esteem our brothers and sisters who have been “humbled” by the economic system?

On this day….  Worker justice during Holy Week.


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  1. Corporate culture prides itself on its dog eat dog nature. This is not the face they want to project to the public – quite the opposite. The competition is intense and pretty accurately depicted in Wolf of Wall Street or Glengarry Glen Ross. Family loyalties often resemble Godfather movies. This cutthroat activity goes on around the world. The better at the game you are the richer the reward. Its actually very important that the public not see the hidden face of corporate culture because they would correctly perceive it to be amoral or immoral. I am not talking about every mom and pop enterprise , of course, but the big boys who run and rule the world. Calvin Coolidge equated American business interests with the country’s interests( “The business of America is business.”) and that too would be an accurate characterization of our country’s role in the world.
    I have been personally close enough to see the guiding “principles” of business in action and had it explained in no uncertain terms. I detest it but realize if your law is maximum profit – it can be no other way.
    What about those at the bottom – those who long for justice? They are counseled to wait for heavenly reward. No expectation of justice or reward in this lifetime being “reasonable”. This advice is not based on any thoughtful interpretation of scripture but on a self serving doctrine that derives from the business model. Creflo Dollar with his appropriate name has a net worth of $27 million, Billy Graham $25 million, Benny Hinn (no slacker he) has miraculously amassed $40 million. The big enchilada from South Charleston WV, a place we called home, T.D. Jakes is worth a cool $150 million.
    Historically Christians who exposed the hypocrisy and treachery of business, government and the institutions that line up with them, have been scorned and ridiculed accused of envy coveting and even following Satan and Godless communism. Seems we are again at the crossroads – how you read and interpret is your business but I would suggest the Gospel according to Christ would not work as a business model – it’s only good for saving the world.

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