Day 33 Devotional & Discussion – March 27, 2015

Genesis 2:4-9, 15-20

In this version of the creation story, what roles are given to the human in the garden? How is the human a co-worker with God? Is your job (employment) the same as your work? If we are “co-workers” with God in the world, what does that imply we will do in the world? When do you most feel you are doing God’s work—whether at your workplace or elsewhere?



  1. The Amoreys have a song about this predicament and I think the simplicity of the story allows for a lot of reflection. Its not too important exactly how you see creation having happened. We are to care for it as sacred. With an extinction taking place on earth identified as the Holocene event caused by humans. ` we really need to change course quickly.
    Clearly if we are in danger of extinguishing life, our own and other species, at the rate of a species every 20 minutes, we are not in right relationship to creation or to God. To correct our sin as caretakers requires putting things right. It appears to me that this is not possible within the confines of current human relations which sanctify private property above all else- including God. The God in the workplace is a liberator as in society in general. When life is defined as a job it is hopeless. Workers get old – workers get injured. They are, whether they understand it or not, slaves of a certain type. The struggle to make things “right” in the workplace is a struggle for life. I think making all things right is where the struggle is going.
    We are being cast aside and out of right relation to each other and creation, This happens more rapidly and permanently as robotics replace humans in the workplace. To put ourselves back in the “garden” is to follow Christ in the liberating work that does not proceed supernaturally or magically but through the church being the body of Christ to and in a broken and dying world. Preserving the dying world in its broken state has nothing to do with our agenda. Only bringing the Kingdom to earth is worthy of our lives and hard work. God’s instruction is unequivocal on this.

  2. Yesterday, I had a conversation about Jesus act of washing the feet of disciples–the role and posture of a servant. We noted that Pope Francis had chosen to wash the feet of a Muslim woman and the feet of an incarcerated young person on Maundy Thursday. In my estimation, we are doing God’s work when we are serving those who are most marginalized, when we are working to preserve the earth for the benefit of everyone–especially the poor, and when we are bringing life and wholeness to those who have been negatively impacted by our culture of death and destruction. I agree with you Andy, “Only bringing the kingdom to earth is worthy of our lives and hard work.” Amen!

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