Day 27 Devotional & Discussion – March 20, 2015

2 Corinthians 8:9; 1 John 3:16-18

How is Jesus a model of love? How does a redistribution of resources mirror Jesus? John makes the bold claim that a refusal to distribute resources is an indication that God’s love is not active in a person’s life. If you were to evaluate yourself on this basis, how active is God’s love in you? If you were to evaluate your faith community on this basis, how active is God’s love in you all? What does an active love life look like in relationship to low-wage workers?


One comment

  1. Paul points out Jesus was made poor so that we would be rich. Obviously that did not mean our pastors should own private jets (sorry Bruce) or that winning the lottery was a sign god loves YOU in particular. The love he is talking about and its rich reward requires us to turn from evil in order to participate in the plan. This evil is exploitation and hoarding, as far as I can tell. The emphasis on sharing in the community of believers has power in that it was meant to overcome the entire world. A new basis on which to live. Cue the beam of light. It is expected that this new birth would be so wonderful that we would all want to spread this message more or less constantly.
    Discipleship comes with real challenges and implied risk. If you never confront the powers that be in the world, it is way more comfortable. You can even go asleep at the wheel and convince yourself God is guiding things. When you awake and find Satan(corporate power) at the wheel you close your eyes tightly and try to return to the dream.
    The early church was so prophetic and resonated so powerfully with the poor it was a threat. Todays church for the most part is fat and self satisfied. The theology is ranges from intellectually suspect to heretical. To be a challenge much less a martyr is the last thing on its mind. That is why this awakening as represented by the Lenten Compact and other forays into the broken world is once again resonating with the poor. We are on the right path. Yea, though I walk…etc.

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