Day 26 Devotional & Discussion – March 19, 2015

2 Corinthians 8:1-15

The Apostle Paul uses example of Jesus, the story of the manna and the generosity of poor Christians in Macedonia to encourage the Christians in Corinth to participate in an offering for the poor believers in Jerusalem.   What is Paul’s hope? What is Paul’s goal?

Paul also seems to anticipate a common sentiment in verse 13 that argues, “If I give my resources away, then I won’t have enough for myself.” What fears and mindsets are expressed in that statement? What answer would you give to the person who expresses their concern about not having enough? How might we move collectively toward a fair distribution of resources so that everyone would have their needs met?



  1. The primary fear that I immediately think of is taking care of myself. What will happen if disaster strikes and I have little to nothing to support myself? Another fear that some in our culture have is the fear of socialism, or God forbid, communism. Spreading wealth equally flies in the face of our culture. But I believe that is what we as God’s family are called to do, to radically fly against the prevailing culture. Can I do that?

  2. I really agree with what Joy is expressing here. To step outside the norm is disturbing. Poverty even viewed from a “safe” distance is scary. Yet, we are to play by a different rule. That outrages those who don’t cling to a vision of a kingdom where the last shall be first and the first last. The powers that be for centuries have been outraged by the presumption of the Gospel. They have tried every means to suppress it including getting us to torture ourselves instead of seeking and express grace and healing. I take courage from this idea beautifully expressed – “to radically fly against the prevailing culture.” I think it will be a matter to take up whenever two or more are gathered. Thanks for pointing the flight in the right direction , Joy. No doubt a bumpy ride.

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