Day 24 Devotional & Discussion – March 17, 2015

Jeremiah 22:1-5, 11-17

In Jeremiah 22:1-5, we see God’s “if-then’ promises. What kind of lifestyle results in blessing? Compare Shallum to his father, Josiah. What kind of lifestyle did each pursue? What kind of mindset do you think led Shallum to “make his neighbors work for nothing?” God (through Jeremiah) asks, “is not this to know me?”. How have you defined knowing God? How does this passage challenge or augment your definition?

God accuses Shallum of wage theft. In February 2015, Cook County (IL) Commissioners passed one of the strongest wage theft laws in the country. What do you imagine God is saying about passage of the law? Read more about the law HERE.


One comment

  1. As I read this, I feel so grieved at people who are not paid fairly. I question how a person could make a neighbor work for nothing. And yet I remember the awful slavery of our nation’s past. I recently read 12 Years A Slave, and it was so difficult at many points. What it reminds me of is the darkness the human heart is capable of. Yes, people can make their neighbors work for nothing. This may be silly but the passage reminded me of how I have a barely acknowledged expectation that my parents and in-laws will provide childcare for us free-of-charge. Sometimes I can think like that about friends too. I don’t know that Michelle and I have paid for childcare very much. Mostly that is because it has been our parents doing so. But then I think about how a friend just paid Michelle to watch her girls for a few hours the other day. On the one hand we were shocked that she felt she needed to pay us. (She didn’t.) On the other, we were impressed, and a bit shamed that she wanted to. Hers was a heart to be honorable. I think what fuels my heart to not want to pay is fear. We’re not rolling in cash, and I’ve developed a mentality of always needing to get a deal, find a cheaper way to do things. But that fear is not based in God’s heart, and God’s heart is so evident in this passage. Thanks for the challenge.

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