Day 19 Devotional & Discussion – March 11, 2015

Exodus 5:1-5

Moses and Aaron’s first labor negotiation with Pharaoh was a request for a 3-day vacation? How did it go?   Why did Pharaoh reject the request?   What does Pharaoh’s response tell you about the power dynamics in the room? How would Pharaoh’s granting of a vacation request shift the balance of power and undermine the system? Have you ever felt controlled by the labor system? When?


One comment

  1. Last night, I saw the documentary, “The Hand That Feeds.” I was inspired as I watched a group of oppressed New York fast food workers stand up to their Pharaoh and advocate for their rights. They had been paid less than minimum wage, denied overtime pay, forced to work while sick (YUCK!) and intimidated. They were completely controlled by the market, which was controlled by the owners/investors. After requesting changes to their work environment–and a flat denial from the owners/investors–the workers organized, formed their own union and ultimately won a contract that met all of their demands–including vacation time! Pharaoh is alive and well in today’s labor market. But so is God!

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