Day 18 Devotional & Discussion – March 10, 2015

Exodus 3:7-10; 4:29-31

What is God’s response to what God has seen and heard about the forced labor of the Hebrews? God says, “I have come down to deliver them from the Egyptians.” But God’s action is to send Moses to Pharaoh as God’s representative. Some have suggested that God is calling Moses to be a labor organizer. Would that make you uncomfortable? If so, why? When the people heard that God had sent someone to help them, they bowed down and worshiped. Why do you think Moses’ arrival is such an encouragement? What could you do to encourage mistreated workers?


One comment

  1. On February 22, the First Sunday of Lent, we welcomed Nancy Salgado to our Sunday service. She shared her story of working for minimum wage for 12 years for a national fast food chain. We gathered around her in solidarity and prayed for her and her co-workers. We lifted up her story and shared our story of God’s heart for justice. Nancy moved us and we moved Nancy. It was a powerful experience. On Palm Sunday, we’re joining other Logan Square churches at 11:30 at the Eagle monument. Again, we’ll hear and share stories. We’ll serve one another. We’ll parade together to a fast food outlet and we’ll pray. I’m expecting that we will all be moved yet again and that we will rejoice in the hope of God’s liberation.

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