Month: April 2014

Frontline Video on Solitary Confinement

While our Lenten Compact is concluded, the issue of mass incarceration and corrections in the US has not gone away.  Recently, PBS showed a Frontline documentary called “Solitary Nation”.  It is a very disturbing (and difficult to watch) look at the effect of solitary confinement on inmates–some of whom have been locked in the Special Housing Unit for over a year.  Watch the video online at  Frontline has numerous articles that relate to the issue.

On April 29, Frontline will present “Prison State”–a look at mass incarceration.  Check your local PBS station listing for details.


Jails are the New Insane Asylums

Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart, told “60 Minutes” that jails throughout the nation including Cook County jail have become the new insane asylums–housing more and more people with various mental illnesses.  He estimated that between 2500 and 2800 inmates at Cook County have various forms of mental illness.  With fewer resources for treatment, those with mental illness are ending up in jail–often for minor infractions.  Read more of the story HERE.

School To Prison Pipeline

We need a plumber desperately.  There is a direct relationship between early school suspension and later incarceration.  Break the chains!

The School-to-Prison Pipeline Starts in Preschool