Day 38 – Devotional & Discussion April 17, 2014

Luke 23:1-25, John 19:12-15

Pilate is convinced that Jesus is innocent, yet gives the authorization to crucify Jesus.  Why do you think he gave in to the pressure?  How did the members of the Jewish council “work the system” to get what they wanted?

How do the wrongful conviction of Jesus and the release of Barabbas relate to Jesus’ mission to proclaim release to the prisoners (Luke 4:18-19)?  How do you think Barabbas was impacted by this this turn of events in his life?  (There is no further reference to Barabbas in the Bible, so it is pure speculation.)  How do you think you would be impacted? 



  1. I remember hearing that Pilate was actually a pretty brutal guy, and his anguish over Jesus shows a potentially softer side that was far from typical. The Jewish leaders were so deceptive and hypocritical. I think Pilate was just sick of them, thinking that getting rid of Jesus would make the problem of rebellion go away. He didn’t want a rebellion to blemish his record.

    Barabbas? I always assumed that he was a hardened criminal who probably took advantage of his freedom to pursue more crime.

    I would hope if it were me, I would be deeply grateful for the unexpected freedom and make a serious commitment to change my life.

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