Day 37 – Devotional & Discussion April 16, 2014

Mark 14:66-72

After the arrest, all of Jesus’ disciples scattered with the exception of Peter.  Peter followed him to the courtyard where the council was trying Jesus.  However, when Peter was confronted about his involvement with Jesus, he denied even knowing him.

Often people who are incarcerated experience the withdrawal of family and friends due to their crimes.  Their feeling of abandonment only intensifies their situation.  Understandably, friends do not want to be suspected of criminal behavior, and family members often feel ashamed as they share the burden of guilt.  Families are sometimes marginalized by their friends, churches and communities.

Do you know a family that is currently facing the trial or incarceration of a close relative?  How have you treated the family thus far?  What could you or your church do this week to support them?


One comment

  1. I have been very proud of how our church reached out to a local family in this situation. I think I mentioned it in a previous compact devotion comment. The father accidentally killed their only child, a baby, with a handgun. His trial was a few weeks ago. As you can imagine it created quite a stir in the community, and in our church, with varying opinions about what justice should look like. Unbeknownst to us, the father is long-time close friends with one of our Faith Church families. That family inspired us to take up an offering for the father and his wife, as the tragedy led to loss of work, etc. The church responded beautifully. The father and his wife wrote a letter expressing their deep appreciation for the gift. My hope and prayer is that we can continue to reach out in love to this hurting family.

    In a larger scope, our country prison is in the city, and we are in the suburbs, though not at all far from the city. But out of sight, in this case, is out of mind. I continue to feel that this compact has me thinking about what we can do to reach out to those in prison, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Our congregation is already too busy. We have a partner congregation in our ministerium that does ministry in the prison, and with transition to community. I think that should be my next point of inquiry.

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