Day 36 – Devotional & Discussion April 15, 2014

Mark 14:53-65 

How is the “trial” of Jesus a mockery of Old Testament court procedure?  What is the final verdict based upon?  How is Jesus treated once he is convicted?

We know of many instances where prisoners are treated shamefully by guards or captors.  The torture and mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq by US forces in 2003-2004 created a global scandal.  There have been charges of torture and mistreatment of prisoners at the US detention facility at Guantanamo, Cuba, and guards at Cook County Jail (IL) routinely beat up inmates.  Women are often victims of rape by those assigned to guard them.  Why do you think those in authority authorize (or at least allow) mistreatment to occur?

What do you think we are to take away from the accounts of Jesus’ mistreatment? 


One comment

  1. As I recall from previous devotionals, the Law required that no one be condemned without the testimony of two witnesses. Jesus was condemned without any witnesses. There was to be a full investigation if witnesses didn’t agree. And it seems to me that the court fabricated a charge (blasphemy) to fit their intention to condemn Jesus. If the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, then trump the charges to make sure they match.

    As to the issue of Jesus’ treatment, it seems to me that we often have the attitude that people get what they deserve. Since they are criminals, then mistreatment is OK. We allow them to be dehumanized through mistreatment, and we remind them who has the power and control.

    Jesus was obviously the victim of a corrupt court system and ended up being wrongfully convicted and wrongfully punished. Jesus died because he was a threat to the status quo.

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