Day 35 – Devotional & Discussion April 14, 2014

John 13:1-7

Judas was initially a trusted member of Jesus’ disciples.  He was given responsibility for keeping the funds and paying the bills.  Later, it was discovered that he embezzled some of the funds.  Jesus also knew that Judas would ultimately betray him to the authorities.  Yet, in this scene just prior to Jesus’ arrest, Jesus washes Judas’ feet!  Jesus recognized that Judas was not “clean”, but it did not stop Jesus from serving him.  How do you think Judas felt about having Jesus wash his feet?

Jesus told his disciples that he was giving them an example and that they should do what Jesus had done for them.  Do you think people that are not “clean” are to be included when we “wash people’s feet”?  What makes that especially challenging for you?  Which criminals would you have the most difficulty including in your “foot washing” activities?  Murderers?  Sex offenders?  Why?  


One comment

  1. As I read this, I was immediately struck by how I divide people into categories of “deserving” and “undeserving”. I divide poor people into “deserving poor” (those who work hard and show initiative) and the “undeserving poor” (those who seem to take advantage of the system to avoid work). I divide the incarcerated into “deserving prisoners” (those who are repentant and want to change) and “undeserving prisoners” (those who keep breaking the law and going back to prison). I would put all the disciples except Judas into the “deserving disciples” category and Judas into the “undeserving disciple” category. Only the deserving get their feet washed. But Jesus doesn’t act according to my categories. He acknowledges that Judas is “unclean” (a category to be sure), but Jesus still serves him; still meets his need. I often fail to act because I have already decided that the person doesn’t deserve it or will take advantage of my kindness or will bother me with his/her needs in the future. I don’t give money to the homeless guy because I “know” he’ll use it to by booze or drugs. I don’t help out the woman with the son who is in trouble because I “know” she was a bad parent. Like I really “know” anything. Jesus actually did know Judas, and it still didn’t stop him. I’m convicted.

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