Day 34 – Devotional & Discussion April 12, 2014

Isaiah 55:6-9

Isaiah invites ‘the wicked’ and ‘the unrighteous’ to turn to the Lord who will have mercy and abundantly pardon.  The Hebrew word translated pardon means “to forgive or release”.   We use the word ‘pardon’ to release an offender from the legal consequences of his/her action.

We are familiar with the concept with Presidential Pardons—an executive order that forgives a crime and cancels any penalty.  In the 20th Century, over 20,000 pardons have been granted with 3,687 granted by Franklin D. Roosevelt alone.  Most famously, President Gerald Ford gave a full and unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon just before he was to be indicted for his involvement in the Watergate scandal.  His pardon of Nixon was criticized by those who wanted to see Nixon brought to justice and it remains controversial today.

As we begin the final week of Lent, we are reminded of God’s extravagant and abundant grace and forgiveness, and whose thoughts and ways are higher than our ways.  What words come to your mind as you consider God granting pardons?  How have you experienced God’s pardon?  Is there anyone that has turned to you for pardon?  If so, what did you do?  If not, what do you think you would do?

There is no devotional for Sunday, April 13, 2014.  Devotionals will resume on Monday, April 14


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